Sustainability Declaration

Sustainability Declaration

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Melbye Skandinavia is committed to working with its suppliers to achieve Melbyes Code of Conduct Policy. Participating in the Supplier Sustainability Declaration (SSD) is a way for the supplier to contribute to this goal.

The Supplier Sustainability Declaration (SSD) gives Melbye an overview of the social and environmental status at Melbye’ suppliers and to follow up the suppliers' efforts and improvements. The SSD is part of the supplier evaluation, giving the score for the overall assessment.

The SSD gives the suppliers the opportunity to highlight important steps they are taking toward sustainability. We acknowledge that these questions do not cover all aspects of sustainability.

The returned sustainability declaration will be reviewed by Melbye and may be used as a follow-up in connection with visits to the supplier. The supplier should be prepared to show documentation of the answers, if requested.

We intend to reward those suppliers, with continuous business, who show progress toward meeting sustainability goals. The supplier shall, on Melbyes’ request, perform a SSD. If you are a selected supplier, you will, before answering the SSD, get further information.