Material Declaration

Material Declaration

(under construction)

As a supplier to Melbye Skandinavia you have been asked to answer a questionnaire about Material Declaration and if your products delivered to Melbye contains chemical substances above 0, 1 % (w/w).

All suppliers of articles (products, spare parts, components and materials) to Melbye shall:

  • On request report chemical substances on the Melbye RML (incl. REACH and RoHS) that is included in the articles delivered to the Melbye.
  • Give contact information to a person within your company who is responsible for relevant chemical legislation (REACH/WEEE/RoHS).
  • Observe changes in Mebye RML, the Candidate List in the REACH regulation and RoHS regulation and inform Melbye of any changes concerning new substances which influence the supplier’s duty towards Melbye.
  • Immediately inform of any presence of chemical substances on products, semi-finished products, parts, materials and packaging according to the REACH directive and the RoHS directive delivered to Melbye.

If You have any questions regarding the questionnaire please contact: